About Us

Our Story


Located in the center of Cappadocia, our hotel welcomes you, our guests, with seven rooms designed differently from each other, a decent restaurant serving lunch and dinner, and social areas.

The mansion, where local families lived at the time, was purchased when it was abandoned and its restoration started in 2004 and was completed in 2009.

The traces of Cappadocia and its societies, which have hosted dozens of civilizations throughout its thousands of years of history, were prioritized in the design of our hotel. In addition, it will give you a special experience with its rock and traditional stone rooms decorated with antiques from all over Anatolia, breathtaking view and helpful team.

Why Ethnographic?

Ethnography is the science of culture that examines the tribes by comparing them and researches the cultural formations.
Artifacts, antique products and cultural items left by societies living in the past in Cappadocia and Anatolia were frequently used in the design of our hotel.

In addition, drawings of local artists reflecting the history and geography of Cappadocia, and products from the hands of ceramic and pottery masters were used in our rooms and social areas.

Our Understanding

Clean, high quality and friendly service with ensuring that our guests have a comfortable and safe stay.


To leave permanent traces on our region by transferring the naive Turkish culture and hospitality to our local and foreign guests.


To contribute to the economic and cultural development of the Cappadocia region, as well as to serve sustainable Turkish tourism, thanks to the chain we have created with our investments, employments and collaborators.