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As a sub-brand of Canela Cave Hotel, Zindan Restaurant, serving in the rock carving area, was designed for special meals, group meals, special events and invitations.

Our restaurant, which contains mostly local Anatolian cuisine in its menu, will provide our guests with unforgettable gastronomic experiences, especially with its bar consisting of various wines from the Cappadocia region.
In addition, dinner organizations or events are organized on the terraces of our hotel.

Group meals or event meals are served as a fixed menu.

The starter of tomato soup or lentil soup

Leaf wrap with olive oil, imambayildi, dried tomato appetizers with olive oil (may vary)

Arugula salad with cheese and raisins

For the main course, you can choose Cappadocia-specific test kebab, lamb tandoori or chicken grilled with white meat sauce,
special hand-opened Kayseri ravioli, grilled salmon or a vegetarian option

Local meatball dessert or custard revani is served for dessert